Whether you’re brand new to crochet or are looking to try out a new technique like hair pin lace or Tunisian crochet, we’ve got a tutorial for you! You can find all of our tutorials here, or check out the suggestions below for great places to get started. Most of the tutorials here include accompanying YouTube videos so you can see the techniques live. Enjoy!

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For Beginners:

If you’re brand new to crochet, you’re in luck! I have a whole series to teach you everything you need to know to become a crochet master! Each tutorial includes a step-by-step YouTube video. You can even make sample squares for each lesson to combine into your first blanket or bag if you want to! Find the first lesson here – How to Single Crochet.

Tunisian Crochet:

Tunisian crochet is a fun variety of crochet that works a little differently than regular crochet. Instead of completing one stitch at a time, you do half of each stitch across a row, and then complete the stitch coming back. If you’re doing a project that is more than a couple of inches wide, you’ll need to buy special Tunisian crochet hooks with extender cables, or, if you’re going to work a Tunisian project in the round, you’ll want to pick up some double-ended crochet hooks. One note – if you’re buying double-ended hooks, make sure that the hooks are the same size on both ends!

To get started, I recommend checking out our Tunisian Foundation Row and Simple Stitch tutorial. It’ll help you get started. From there, you can find tutorials for a variety of other Tunisian crochet stitches here.

Feeling adventurous? Check out some of the Tunisian patterns available in the crochet shop, including two of my very favorites – the Diamond Tunisian Scarf and the Geometric Patchwork Baby Blanket!

Hairpin Lace:

Hairpin lace is so fun to do! To get started, you’ll just need a regular crochet hook, a hairpin lace loom, and yarn. This tutorial will show you the basic method for making strips of lace and joining them together. When you’ve got the basics down, step on over to the FREE Hairpin lace baby blanket pattern and get crafting!

Other Fun Stuff:

You can explore the tutorials page to find other goodies, like how to Upcycle Yarn, how to make a crochet Button Hole, starting a project in the round with a Magic Circle, and Changing Colors with Crochet. Have fun!

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