Magic Circle – Double Loop

The Double Loop Magic Circle is a variant on the original single loop version. Some people like the double loop better because they think it is stronger than the single loop and will hold up better to the abuse children can put things through.

To make the magic circle, start with the yarn tail hanging down the front of your hand and wrap the working yarn around your hand twice. Pinch the circle so that you can control it a little better, insert your hook through the ring and pull up a loop. Chain however many you need depending on the height of the stitch you’ll be using. I used double crochet.

Continue working stitches through the magic ring until you have as many stitches as your pattern requires. Then, give the yarn tail a little tug and watch to see which of the two loops starts to pull in. Do NOT pull this all the way in. Instead, take the loop that started to move and pull on it to close the other loop, then, pull on the yarn tail to close the first loop. Join your round and you’re done! If you pull the first loop and the tail comes out don’t worry, it will just turn into a single loop magic circle (note: you can, if you want, just pull on the yarn tail to close both loops but sometimes it is difficult to get both loops closed this way)