Changing Yarn Color

Have you ever noticed that when you change colors you are left with an awkward bump from knotting the yarn around the hook or the stitch doesn’t look quite right because the top of the stitch seems to be the same as the old color instead of the new color? This tutorial shows how to change colors to create a smooth transition.

In this example, I’m working with double crochet, but the same principle holds for other stitches. Work the stitch before the color change up until the last step. In this case, I stop with two loops on the hook because the last step of a double crochet is to yarn over and pull through the last two loops on the hook. Get your new color and line it up so the tail is to the right and the working yarn is to the left (assuming you’re right handed), the same way it normally is when you crochet. Keep your old color reasonably tight so the stitch is not loose, but hold the new yarn just behind your work, pick up the working yarn and pull it through the loops on your hook to finish the stitch. Then, just keep working with the new yarn, you’re done!