X’s and O’s Fingerless Gloves

The X’s and O’s Fingerless Gloves is the fourth pattern in the 2024 Year of Gloves. Spring has officially sprung, so I’ve got these cute lighter-weight gloves for this month. I love the mesh on these and they give me a bit of an 80’s vibe. I dig it.

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Blue mesh/lace fingerless gloves crochet pattern from Kickincrochet - X's and O's Fingerless Gloves

About the X’s and O’s Fingerless Gloves

These gloves work up so quickly! They are made bottom-up. The cuff uses post stitches for texture, then the lace pattern builds up from there. The thumb is a little bit tricky to match up the lace pattern, but don’t worry! I’ve made two video tutorials for this pattern – one for the 7, 8, or 9″ glove, and one for the 7.5 and 8.5″ glove. It’ll walk you through the pattern step by step! You’ve got this!



Gloves are sized based on the craft yarn council guidelines and fit from 7″ to 9″ when measured around the four finger knuckles (women’s small to men’s large). 

X’s and O’s Video Tutorial – 7, 8, or 9″ Sizes

X’s and O’s Video Tutorial – 7.5, 8.5″ Sizes

Have fun with these ones! I love the little crosses over the bobbles (my X’s and O’s, of course), and feel like these ones could easily dress up or down. Enjoy!

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