Diagonal Mug Rug Pattern

The Diagonal Mug Rug is the third and final pattern in the Mug Rug Trio. I hope you enjoyed the first two patterns, the Moss Stitch Mug Rug and the Eyelet Mug Rug! The diagonal mug rug is a bit more complicated than the first two in the set. It’ll give you some practice with increases and decreases and uses half double crochet.

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Free pattern for diagonal crocheted mug rugs - crochet mug rugs featuring diagonal rows of stitches with edge fringe

These diagonal mug rugs feature neat stripes in half double crochet. This pattern is slightly wider than the moss stitch and eyelet mug rugs. Be aware that it also benefits from blocking to keep the rectangular shape from becoming a little more diamond-y. The Mug Rug Trio, which includes all three mug rug patterns, is also available as a printable PDF.


  • Worsted Weight Cotton yarn like Bernat Handicrafter Cotton or Lily Sugar & Cream
  • Size H crochet hook – I love these Odyssey hooks from Furls Crochet!

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch chain
  • hdc half double crochet
  • hdc2tog half double crochet two together (decrease)

Diagonal Mug Rug Video Tutorial

How to Make The Diagonal Mug Rug

A green mug and red-orange apple sit on a maroon mug rug
  1. ch2 (counts as first hdc), 2hdc in 1st ch (3hdc)
  2. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc, 2hdc in last st (5hdc)
  3. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 3, 2hdc in last st (7hdc)
  4. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 5, 2hdc in last st (9hdc)
  5. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 7, 2hdc in last st (11hdc)
  6. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 9, 2hdc in last st (13hdc)
  7. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 11, 2hdc in last st (15hdc)
  8. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 13, 2hdc in last st (17hdc)
  9. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 15, 2hdc in last st (19hdc)
  10. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 17, 2hdc in last st (21hdc)
  11. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 19, 2hdc in last st (23hdc)
  12. ch2, turn (no hdc in the same st), hdc2tog, hdc 19, 2hdcin last st (23hdc)
  13. ch2, turn, hdc in same st, hdc 20, hdc2tog (23hdc)
  14. ch2, turn, (no hdc in the same st here and for the rest of the pattern), hdc2tog, hdc 18, hdc2tog (21hdc)
  15. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 16, hdc2tog (19hdc)
  16. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 14, hdc2tog (17hdc)
  17. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 12, hdc2tog (15hdc)
  18. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 10, hdc2tog (13hdc)
  19. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 8, hdc2tog (11hdc)
  20. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 6, hdc2tog (9hdc)
  21. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 4, hdc2tog (7hdc)
  22. ch2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 2, hdc2tog (5hdc)
  23. ch2, turn, hdc2tog twice (3hdc)
  24. ch1, (insert hook in next st, yo and pull up a loop) twice, yo and pull through all three loops on hook.
  25. Finish off, weave in ends.
  26. Attach fringe to the side of each row along the short sides of the mug rug (11/side – see video for tutorial on how to attach fringe)

Congratulations on your mug rug!

Now you can make the whole set – gift them, use them, love them, and have lots of fun!

three crocheted mug rugs

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