Lover’s Cowl Crochet Pattern

The Lover’s Cowl features lacey, drapey Lover’s Knot (also known as Solomon’s Knot) for a lightweight, cheerful spring or summer scarf. I was very happy to design this cowl as part of the Spring Exclusives event curated by Cosy Rosie UK. I often tend to go for the neutral colors, but I couldn’t resist the bright springtime shades of this gradient yarn!

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Lover's Cowl Crochet Pattern - 1 skein crochet pattern with gradient yarn featuring solomon's knot/lover's knot crochet stitch

Inspiration for the Lover’s Cowl

The Lover’s Cowl is born from a combination of a few percolating ideas. First, I’ve long been thinking about some ideas for a thick/thin scarf or cowl. This pattern doesn’t have an excessively dramatic width change, but the lace sections are intentionally wider than the double crochet sections to give it some interest and a unique flair. I also have been pondering on design ideas for the Lover’s Knot ever since I learned how to do it, but I hadn’t landed on just the right design. Finally, I picked up this yarn on a whim when WeCrochet was having a sale, and it’s been sitting in my yarn stash, lonesome and abandoned since then.

When Fiona announced the Spring Exclusives, I went hunting in my stash for inspiration. As soon as I picked up this ball of yarn, it just about screamed at me that it needed to be made into this particular cowl. And thus, the Lover’s Cowl was born!



The Lover’s Cowl is intended to be long enough to loop over your head twice. It measures approximately 8″ wide (measured across the dc section – the lace section is intentionally wider) and 56″ long. You could easily modify the length of this scarf/cowl, and I hope you will experiment with the color changes and lengths of the lover’s knot and double crochet sections to really make it your own creation!

Pink Lace cowl being stretched out to show the solomon's knot/lover's knot crochet stitches

Lover’s Knot Tutorial

If you’re new to the lover’s knot, I have a full photo tutorial you can get here. Plus here’s a video tutorial to walk you through the stitch!

A Perfect Spring Scarf

I hope you enjoy making this pattern as much as I enjoyed designing it! I love the light weight, the lace, and the bright colors, and I’d love to see your creations when you’re done! Tag me on Instagram to share your projects!

Lover's Cowl crochet loop scarf with lace in fingering weight yarn