Cupcake Hat – Free Pattern

I happened to have one of my boxes of yarn out one day and my daughter kept trying to get me to make her something. She finally settled on a “cupcake hat”. Of course I’d never made a cupcake hat before but I stepped up to the challenge.


This hat is made with Caron Simply Soft (my go-to basic yarn because you can find it at every major craft store) in watermelon and chocolate, plus a little bit of red for the cherry on top and, if wanted, though I don’t love how they turned out, a few other scraps for sprinkles, and an H hook. Note: I took very brief notes while making this hat so I can’t guarantee the pattern but it should work just fine. Sized for 2-4 year old… it fits my 4 year fairly snugly.

  • ch3, join to form a ring (or magic ring or whatever starting technique you prefer)
  • ch3, dc 10 more times through ring (counts as 11dc), do not join
  • bpdc (back post double crochet) in 1st st, 2 bpdc in next st, repeat around (1 st then 2 st, etc 33 total), no join
  • 2bptc (back post triple crochet) in 1st st, bptc in next 2 sts, repeat around (44 sts)
  • bptc in next 2 sts, 2 bptc in next, bptc, repeat around (55sts)
  • bptc in next 10 sts, 2bptc in next, repeat around (60sts)
  • bptc around three more rows, then taper down by doing a few bpdc, a few bpsc, a few back post slip stitches, then bind off.
  • To make ribbing, work 60 rows of 8 sts front post single crochet (or back post double crochet, it doesn’t matter which you choose, just stick to the same one every row), then join. Attach to the frosting part of the hat by slip stitching onto the last row of the cupcake hat.
  • To make the cherry, I did a popcorn stitch with 8dc then tied the starting string to the ending string to make it a ball.
  • The sprinkles are just scraps of yarn tied on. I don’t like them very much but my 4-year-old insisted that a cupcake must have sprinkles. 🙂