Pebble Hat Crochet Pattern

This project is one of my favorites from the past few months. My son fell in love with this green yarn I got from Knitcrate, so I designed a hat for him. Then I loved it so much, I made one for me too! He calls it his “happy outside hat”. I call it the “Pebble Hat”. You can call it whatever you’d like. You can get the large adult size of the Pebble Hat Crochet Pattern free below, or you can purchase a PDF file will sizes toddler through adult. I’ve also included some video tutorials to walk you through the Pebble Stitch (that gorgeous textured stitch on the hat) as well as the joining method I used to create as minimal a seam as possible while staying in pattern. If you missed last week’s tutorial on working linked double crochet stitches, you may want to check it out, as you’ll use the stitch in this design!

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Pebble Hat Crochet Pattern - get the pattern for the Pebble Hat free for adult size, with PDF available for purchase which includes sizes toddler, child, small adult and large adult

Scroll down for the free adult size pattern for the pebble hat, including video tutorials. Or use the links below to purchase the printable PDF for sizes toddler (17″), child (19″), small adult (21″), and large adult (23″).


  • Worsted Weight yarn, up to 180 yards. I used Audine Wools Sleek (100g/220y), which was a Knitcrate exclusive (you can sign up to try Knitcrate here!). I also recommend Shine Worsted from WeCrochet, as it has some shine (hence the name) and good stitch definition.
  • Size H crochet hook – I love these Odyssey hooks from Furls Crochet!
  • Yarn/Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch chain
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • sk skip
  • ss slip stitch
  • sc single crochet
  • dc double crochet
  • ldc linked double crochet
  • join-dc (see notes)

Pattern Notes

11 rows and 17 sts in 4″ (unstretched, worked in pattern – alternating dc/ldc in the round)

Finished size head circumference:

  • Adult Large: 23″
  • Adult Small: 21″
  • Child: 19″
  • Toddler: 17″

This hat is worked top down in the round. You can see video tutorials below for help with specific stitches.

Once you start the alternating dc/ldc portion, each row will alternate whether it starts with a dc/ldc pair or a single dc. This makes the pairs alternate to create the pebble texture.

Join-dc stitch worked on every other row of alternating dc/ldc portion is worked like this: work dc until you have two loops left on your hook. Insert hook up through middle bar of turn ch, yo and pull a loop through all three loops on your hook. Then join with slip stitch to the top of the turn chain (see video below).

Instead of using a traditional turn chain, (sc, ch1) counts as the first dc. This gives the starting stitch a little more width and provides a clear middle bar to work ldc stitches into.

Special Stitches – Pebble Stitch

Pebble Stitch – this is what I’m calling it when you’re doing alternating double crochet and linked double crochet stitches. The texture reminds me of tiny pebbles! You can see the stitch in action in the video below. If you’d like a refresher on linked double crochet, you can also see this video.

Special Stitches – Pebble Join Method

The Pebble Hat Crochet Pattern (Adult Large)

  • 1. In magic ring, (sc, ch1) – counts as first st now and throughout – ldc 9, join (10ldc)
  • 2. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, 2ldc in each stitch around, join (20ldc)
  • 3. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, ldc, *2 ldc in next st, ldc, repeat from * around, join (30ldc)
  • 4. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, ldc 2, *2 ldc in next st, ldc 2, repeat from * around, join (40ldc)
  • 5. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, ldc 3, *2 ldc in next st, ldc 3, repeat from * around, join (50ldc)
  • 6. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, ldc 4, *2 ldc in next st, ldc 4, repeat from * around (60ldc)
  • 7. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, dc, ldc in same st, (dc, ldc) 5 times, *(dc, ldc in same st) twice, (dc, ldc) 5 times, repeat from * around, join (70 sts = 35 dc/ldc pairs)
  • 8. (sc, ch1), (dc, ldc in same st) twice, *(dc, ldc) 6 times, (dc, ldc in same st) twice, repeat from * 3 times more, (dc, ldc) 5 times, join-dc (80 sts = 40 dc/ldc pairs)
  • 9. (sc, ch1), ldc in same st, dc, ldc in same st, (dc, ldc) 19 times, (dc, ldc in same st) twice, (dc, ldc) 19 times, join (84 sts = 42 dc/ldc pairs)
  • 10. (sc, ch1), (dc, ldc) 41 times, join-dc (84 sts = 42 dc/ldc pairs)
  • 11. (sc, ch1), ldc, (dc, ldc) around, join (84 sts = 42 dc/ldc pairs)
  • 12. Repeat rounds 10-11 until hat measures 8.5″ or desired length.

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