How to Make a Pompom With Yarn

A yarn pompom doesn’t have to be complicated. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple yarn pompom with scrap yarn, a piece of cardboard, and a pair of scissors – no fancy tools necessary. There are other ways to make pompoms, but this method works in a pinch!

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For this project, you only need a few things:

  • Yarn – scrap yarn or yarn that matches whatever project you’re doing – it takes more than you might think to make a full pompom!
  • A scrap of cardboard or something similar to wrap yarn around (empty toilet paper tube, etc)
  • Scissors

How to Make a Pompom Video Tutorial

How to Make a Yarn Pompom

First, you’ll need to find something to wrap yarn around. I used a cardboard scrap from my recycling. The width of the item will be about the size of the finished pompom.

First, lay a small piece of yarn across the cardboard. You will use this to tie the pompom later.

Take the end of the yarn (the yarn attached to the ball), and start wrapping it around the cardboard.

Keep wrapping for a long time… seriously, a long time. The more wraps, the larger the pompom you’ll be able to make.

Next, take the scrap of yarn that you had previously laid across the cardboard and tie it as tightly as you can (without breaking the yarn) around the yarn on one edge of the cardboard.

With your scissors, cut the yarn loops on the other side of the cardboard.

In my case, I didn’t do enough wraps to make a pompom this large be full enough, so I needed to trim it down. Note that you’ll need to do some trimming with this technique no matter what, since the yarn strands will be different lengths depending on whether they were inside or outside wraps.

Once you’ve trimmed it down to whatever size you’d like, you’re done! You can use the string that you tied it together with to attach it to your project.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a pompom out of yarn. If you liked this tutorial, you may like the How to Make a Tassel tutorial as well!