Dry Erase Crayon Holder

I recently signed up as an independent consultant with Usborne Books and More. When I have parties, I like to give away a few small items. One of the things I give away is a small set of dry-erase activity cards. I hole-punch the corners and put them on a binder ring, then I crochet one of these lovely crayon holders and attach it to the ring. It’s a simple idea and you can do it with any wipe clean cards you find. My kids have some crayola ones they got for birthdays so I split them up and made a holder for each one. It’s great for the car (they’re less messy than the dry erase markers) and the holder can double as an eraser if you want.

To make one, you’ll need a small amount of Caron Simply Soft yarn, or cotton yarn, or whatever worsted weight yarn you’d like and an H hook.

Dry Erase Crayon Holder
Dry Erase Crayon Holder

Ch3 and join to form a ring (or make a magic ring)

Ch1, work 8sc in center of ring, do not join

work sc’s around continuously until the crayon holder measures a couple inches long, up to the end of the label of the crayon.

Ch12, then join to sc 4 stitches away, on the opposite side of the holder to form a loop.

ss around back of holder until you get to where you started the loop, then join (for extra support)

Finish off and weave in ends!

IMG_9912s IMG_9910s