Invisible Join

The invisible join is a great way to finish a project to create a super smooth (invisible, perhaps?) seam for a work in the round. You can use either a yarn needle or a crochet hook in a smaller size than you’ve been using for your work.

Magic Circle – Single Loop

The magic circle is a favorite way to start a crochet work in the round because it leaves no center hole, however, many people are intimidated by the technique. Once you learn how to do it, it’s quite easy.

Base Chain Double Crochet

This tutorial was originally published on my old kickincrochet blog in August 2013 One of the most frustrating things I came across as a beginning crocheter was that my starting chain was always always infuriatingly too tight.

Ombre Infinity Scarf

This pattern was originally posted on my old kickincrochet blog in August 2013. It seems like everything is ombre these days. I like ombre, but I feel like it’s starting to get a little overdone. However, I do really like this ombre scarf. It’s made of Tahki Yarns Rosa 100% cotton yarn.

Wall Decor

It’s true, this post has nothing to do with crochet, but it’s crafting and I figure most people I know who are into crochet are also into crafting so here ya go. I spent the last almost year working on an online medical coding and billing class (my husband is a physical therapist and wants …

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Granny Square Hat

Granny Square Hat

I didn’t do any work on the website today. I guess I overdid it yesterday and got a little burnt out. Then again, now that I’m back on here I’m itching to start trying to tweak things again. I doubt that feeling will ever really go away.