Wide Colorblock Scarf Crochet Pattern

This scarf uses a one-row repeat to create a beautiful lacey scarf. You only need to know three stitches – chain, half double crochet, and double crochet. I made my scarf wide and extra long, with a colorblock pattern, but you can easily customize your scarf to match your personal style. Free pattern below, including video tutorial!

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Blue, Green, and Mustard Crochet Colorblock Super Scarf Free Pattern With Video Tutorial

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  • Fingering weight yarn in three colors. I used Palette Fingering (231y/50g, 100% Peruvian highland wool) in Toffee (3 balls), Navy (2 balls), and Wallaby (2 balls)
  • Size F (3.75mm) Crochet Hook. I used a Clover Soft Touch Hook
  • Yarn/Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends.

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch chain
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • hdc half double crochet
  • dc double crochet

Pattern Notes

This scarf uses a one row repeat to create a beautiful lightly lacy design! You can easily modify the length and width of this scarf as well as the colorblocking pattern to match your personal style.

As written, the scarf is very long, so if you don’t want the super length scarf, reduce the number of rows you repeat for each section!

The pattern uses a multiple of six stitches plus one for the base chain. The instructions start with ch73, which yields a scarf about 10” wide. To adjust, simply add or remove stitches in multiples of six. Each multiple added or removed will adjust the width of the scarf by a little less than an inch.

Turn ch2 always counts as hdc.

Wide Scarf YouTube Video Tutorial

How to Crochet the Wide Colorblock Scarf

Blue and Green Slighly lacy crochet scarf close-up

1. ch73

2. dc in 4th ch from hook, ch3, sk 1, dc, *ch1, sk3, dc, ch3, sk1, dc), repeat from * to last st, hdc in last st

Up Close View of Row 2 of Wide Colorblock Scarf Crochet Pattern

3. ch2 (counts as hdc), turn, *dc in skipped ch1 on starting ch (working over the ch3 of previous row so it gets “trapped”), ch3, dc in the same st, ch1, repeat from * to last st. Do not work the ch1 on the last repeat. hdc in last st.

Up Close View of Row 3 of Wide Colorblock Scarf Crochet Pattern
  1. ch2, turn, *dc over ch3 from two rows below, making sure to work over the ch3 one row below as well. You’ll reach between the two double crochets that are forming a “V” to grab this chain. ch3, dc in same space, ch1, repeat from * to last st, omitting the ch1 on the last repeat. hdc in last stitch.
Up Close View of Row 3 of Wide Colorblock Scarf Crochet Pattern
  1. Repeat row 4 to desired length, changing colors whenever you want. Color changes I used are as follows:
    1. Color 1 (Toffee) 70 rows
    2. Color 2 (Navy) 55 rows
    3. Color 3 (Wallaby) 80 rows
    4. Color 2 (Navy) 55 rows
    5. Color 1 (Toffee) 70 rows.

 6.  Finish off, weave in ends. You’re done!

Green, Gold, and Blue wide long crochet scarf

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