Starting in the Round

There are a few different ways to start in the round. The classic ways are to make a short starting chain, then work stitches into the first chain. This is my least favorite technique and I do not even show a tutorial for it because I never use it. The technique I show here is, I think, the easiest for beginners to start with.

  1. Chain 3 (or 4, if you need to make the ring a little bigger)
  2. Join with a slip stitch to the starting chain to form a ring
  3. Chain 3 (for dc, 2 for hdc, 1 for sc)
  4. Work a double crochet through the ring
  5. Continue working stitches through the ring until you have reached the number needed for your pattern.
  6. Join to starting ch3 with a slip stitch

This technique does tend to leave a little bit of a space at the center of the starting ring. If you’re looking for a technique that leaves no space at the center of the ring, check out the Magic Circle.