Ombre Infinity Scarf

This pattern was originally posted on my old kickincrochet blog in August 2013.

It seems like everything is ombre these days. I like ombre, but I feel like it’s starting to get a little overdone. However, I do really like this ombre scarf. It’s made of Tahki Yarns Rosa 100% cotton yarn. You just need one ball each of three colors (sand, taupe, and ebony). I made two different sizes. The larger one has three rows of each color, 110 dc/row, and the shorter one has 2 rows of each color with about 90 dc/row (I didn’t write down the actual number. You can start with a basic chain or, as I did, with the base chain double crochet. This yarn is a little tricky to work with because of the texturing so it’s sometimes hard to tell which loop is the ‘extra’ loop in the bcdc.

  • bcdc 110 (or 90 for smaller), join on the last dc (can also ch110, join, ch3, dc across)
  • work two (or one) more rows of black, switch to taupe
  • work three (or two) rows with taupe, switch to sand
  • work last three (or two) rows with sand, finish off. Easy peasy.