Heart Scarf Tunisian

I can’t believe it was October when I posted the Diamond scarf! Though this Heart Scarf has been finished for several months, with the holiday season, the computer work required to get the photos edited and pattern written just kept getting pushed back! I’m happy to have it finished and ready for your enjoyment. 🙂

In my last post, I said I’d talk a little more about the design process. It really varies greatly based on the type of project, but for this project, like for the Diamond Scarf, I started with graph paper.IMG_1837s

This was my first sketch. I picked out a reasonable width for a design and started sketching, with each box of the graph paper representing a stitch, and all the colored boxes representing stitches I’ll have to skip. Since this was my first time doing a project like this there was some learning involved. First, I figured out pretty quickly that I couldn’t have missed stitches stacked directly on top of each other, it just doesn’t work! So the first two options on the left were clearly no-goes. The middle right one was just ugly, so it got the chop as well. The bottom left was my original idea for the Diamond Scarf, but I ended up simplifying by taking out the inside diamond. I may still someday do the one on the top right, and the bottom right is the heart that is the core of the Heart Scarf.

Once I had picked the basic design motif, I kept right on graphing out different versions of the scarf pattern.

I finally settled on the bottom right pattern, with two or three rows between motif repeats, and voila! off I went to start working. 🙂 This scarf posed some design quandaries… how do I skip three stitches in a row for the top of the heart? What’s the best way to annotate the pattern? For my answers to these, you’ll have to check out the pattern yourself. 😉 It’s now available for purchase here: Heart Scarf Tunisian Crochet Pattern.

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