Cobblestone Scarf Intermeshing Crochet Pattern

You guys, I’m not sure when I was last more excited about a pattern. I am super in love with this new scarf pattern. It’s hot off the tester’s hooks (and their samples look fabulous!) The cobblestone scarf, available for purchase here, features intermeshing crochet in a fun geometric pattern.

Light and dark gray intermeshing crochet scarf on mannequin

Intermeshing crochet is one of those techniques that I really enjoy, and it makes super interesting projects, but it’s actually not very common. I think it can be a little intimidating, because it looks like a lot of confusing, time-consuming colorwork. But actually, it works up surprisingly quickly, and all you need to know for this pattern is ch, sc, and dc. Seriously.

In intermeshing crochet, the two colors are worked independently, but weave through each other… so you’ll work dark gray from right to left, then light gray from right to left, then turn the whole project around. I realize that sounds confusing, and it can be when you’re first getting started. So, to help you out, I’ve also made a free YouTube video (below) to accompany the pattern. It explains how to do intermeshing crochet and how to read my style of intermeshing crochet chart. It also walks you step-by-step through the first few rows of this scarf pattern as an example, so it’s a great resource if you’re new to intermeshing crochet!

In fact, this pattern is a great option for people who have never tried intermeshing crochet. It includes line by line written instructions, with photographs for the first few rows. It also includes charts for the scarf and the YouTube video.

This scarf was really a product of my wanting to design more products for men. In my experience, many crocheters are women, and they like to make things for their partners, who are often men. Buuuuut, a lot of the time, those men don’t really like crocheted stuff. So I’m on a mission, of sorts, to design lots of cool crochet stuff that men will actually WANT to wear. Thus, the Cobblestone Scarf was born! (Though I think it’s equally awesome for women)

Just check out this drool-worthy texture (sample made in Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted)!

Another fun characteristic of intermeshing crochet is that often the front and the back won’t have the same design. So the front of this scarf features little plus signs, and the back has these H’s. I can’t decide which side I like best, so it’s a good thing I get both! Which one do you like better?

front view design
back view design

I’m sure there will be more intermeshing designs in the not-too-distant future, but if you’re looking for a great project now, give this Cobblestone Scarf a try! You can also try the fabulous baby blanket I made for my third child, which uses a variation on intermeshing. Have fun, and happy crocheting!