A-Maze-Ing Placemats

The A-Maze-Ing Placemats are made using interlocking crochet. Four complete, solvable maze placemat patterns are included in one PDF download. These placemats are generously sized and totally cool! Fun and functional – keep kiddos entertained for a few minutes before dinner, or they would be a great addition to a preschool or activity bin for the little ones.

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Four crochet placemats made using interlocking crochet. Each placemat is a complete, solvable maze! Charts and written instructions included, plus video walkthrough for the first maze design.

About the A-Maze-Ing Placemats

This pattern has been in the works for quite a while. In fact, I filmed the video for the 1st maze over a year ago (gasp!). This project just kept getting pushed to the back burner, much to the dismay of my son. My 8-year-old helped draw some of the maze patterns, and so I told him he gets a cut of the profits – $1 per every pattern sold goes to him, so needless to say he was pushing me to get this one published!

The idea for this pattern came when I made the Zig-Zag Cowl pattern. Interlocking crochet can look frankly maze-like without even trying, so it felt like a natural extension to design some actual mazes! A complete blanket maze seemed like a little overkill, but placemats are just the right size to allow for some complexity but still be solvable. Plus, I love a useful project! (Stay tuned for a freebie maze washcloth coming soon!)



Each Placemat measures approximately 19″ x 11.5″ – plenty of room for a table setting!

A-Maze-Ing Placemat 1 Video Tutorial

I filmed a complete video tutorial for the first of the four maze patterns. You can get the first part here below! (A small note – this was filmed before I upgraded my lighting set, so it’s a little on the dark side, but still useful! I also used a slightly different starting method in the video than what I have described in the pattern. You can use either technique.

Links to the rest of the tutorial are in the video description for part 1 on YouTube.

Fun, Funky, and Useful

Interlocking crochet is such a fun technique, and it is totally a show-stopper. I always have people oohing an aahing over interlocking projects. The great secret is that they’re really not that hard. You can do this! If you end up making these placemats, tag me on instagram @kickin_crochet or on facebook. I’d love to see your projects. 🙂