Men’s Thermal Hat

Finally, finally, at long last, I’ve finished the pattern for the Men’s Thermal Hat to match the ever-popular  Men’s Thermal Fingerless Gloves.


These patterns are also available as a set.

This pattern was a little tricky to work out since I prefer to work from the bottom up when I have a ribbed brim, and that required me to do decreases with the Thermal Stitch. The thermal stitch is a little strange since it uses loops from two different rows for each stitch. To make the decreases look nice I found it necessary to do a decrease when working on the back side row and a modified decrease to use up an extra loop on the front when I do the front side row. I also found that, since I was working in the round with no turns, I had to come up with a modified thermal stitch (which I called the ‘back thermal stitch’ for the back side rows of the hat.

After taking the hat apart more times than I care to admit, I have finally found a product that I am happy with! The thermal stitch is thick and warm. This does make the hat a little stiff when it’s not being warm, but that’s so worth it for the extra protection from the weather!

The hat can also feature an optional fold-over brim on the bottom, which my husband prefers and I think looks quite nice, but does require more yarn. 🙂