Dunes Scarf

Note: This pattern has been updated to include the Dunes Cowl Crochet Pattern. Enjoy! Also see a video tutorial showing the Dunes Fold – https://youtu.be/AnHhHV34qDE

This scarf was a fun little puzzle to create. I love the twist design and the gentle striping of the yarn. This scarf is a little deceptive because it uses only slip stitches and double crochet. The twists are created be folding the fabric over upon itself in a special way. I love that it works well to use as either an infinity scarf pattern or a standard scarf. It looks great both ways!

I made this scarf two months ago and have been procrastinating getting it written up and published. I named it the Dunes Scarf because the yarn color is “Sand” and the twists reminded me of the dunes at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico (of course, the New Mexican dunes are, as their name suggests, very white, instead of ‘sand’ colored, but that’s okay). Unfortunately, to my great dismay, I have discovered that this yarn (Regia Highland Tweed) is apparently being discontinued! I’ve decided to publish the pattern anyway because I really believe it’s a unique look and will work well with a large variety of yarns. I hope you love it too! Check out the pattern here!