How to Crochet Small Flowers

Today I’ll show you how to crochet small flowers. These little five-petaled crochet flowers make great small appliques or little girls’ hair clips. I’ve included a YouTube video tutorial to walk you through making a flower to make it super easy!

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Learn to crochet small flowers with video tutorial


For this project, you can use any yarn you’d like and an appropriately sized crochet hook. Here’s what I used:

How to Crochet Small Flowers Video Tutorial

How to Crochet Small Flowers

There are a few ways to start this project. If you don’t like having any gappy middle part, you can start with a magic circle. I started by making a ch4 and then joining to my starting chain. Now that you’ve got a starting circle, ch1 for height – this does not count as your first stitch. Work 10 single crochet into your loop to create your base round. Join to your first stitch.

For this round, you will work all stitches through the back loop only. (for a refresher on working only in the back or front loop, see this tutorial). Ch2, which counts as your first HDC. In the same stitch, make a dc and another hdc. ss in the next st. In the next stitch, work (hdc, dc, hdc), ss in next stitch – continue like this around, ending with a ss. Weave in your end.

You can see in the finished product that working in the back loop only makes a little ridge on the top. If you want, you can work through both loops instead, but you will not have that little ridge of loops. You can finish off the flower by hot gluing a bead or gem in the center, if you’d like – I’m a fan of little pearls, myself!

The pattern written out crochet-style:

  1. ch4, join to form a ring
  2. ch2 (counts as first hdc), in same st (dc, hdc), *ss in next, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next, repeat from * around, ending with ss. Weave in ends.
  3. Finish by hot gluing or sewing a bead or gem to the center, if desired.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick, simple flower. Make one, make a dozen, turn them into headbands – have fun!