Granny Square Hat

I didn’t do any work on the website today. I guess I overdid it yesterday and got a little burnt out. Then again, now that I’m back on here I’m itching to start trying to tweak things again. I doubt that feeling will ever really go away.

We recently moved into a new place in Sumner, WA and it feels good to finally be somewhere at least semi-permanent. We spent six months in Klamath Falls, OR, and that was nice but we knew we were going to be moving soon so we didn’t bother unpacking, and our apartment was so small we wouldn’t have had places to put things away anyway. When we moved up to Washington my husband took a temporary position in Aberdeen and I stayed with my parents in Kent and lived out of my suitcase for two months. Now that we’re finally moved I’ve been unpacking and getting things reorganized. In the process, I came across this half-made beauty. It had four rows done and I still had the yarn for it so I finished it up and wrote up the pattern. It’s the first new pattern I’ve done since November, when we moved from Klamath Falls up to Washington. The first round I made the granny square pattern come all the way down and that was a mistake! It looked super weird because you could see my forehead through the gaps in the granny squares. I took it out and redid it to make the last three rows bold solid double crochets and I think it looks much better. I keep wanting to call it the “Granny Smith Hat” instead of granny square hat. It’s not an apple!

It’s nice to get something new done but I don’t know when I’ll have more crafting time. Right now all of my free time is getting taken up with this website and learning web design. That or cleaning, or sleeping. I should probably try to squeeze some exercise time in there, too. 😉